Emőke Péter is part of the European Commission’s team in charge of the coordination of the European Elections Cooperation Network and supports Member States actions in the area of online transparency, data exchange, protection against cybersecurity incidents and fighting disinformation campaigns in the context of the European Parliament’s elections.

She believes it’s a shared duty of the Union and Member States to protect the Union's democratic systems from manipulation by third countries or private interests. She stands for free and fair elections, and for building stronger and more resilient electoral systems, where voters gain transparency to make an informed choice.

Besides elections and democracy, her expertise includes minority rights, women rights, inclusion and non-discrimination policies.

She speaks DE, HU, RO, EN and intermediate FR. She has a Master degree in European Governance and a double Bachelor degree in International Relations and European Studies.

She is passionate about connecting people and ideas, and fascinated by the world of diplomatic negotiations and electoral campaigns.