Christina Dobrovolska is an OSINT-analyst, citizen investigative journalist and researcher with the focus on Ukrainian and international security issues. She is one of the core members of famous international volunteer community InformNapaim which publishes journalist investigations and fact-checked information exposing Russian hybrid operations in Ukraine, Georgia, Syria, Belarus, Poland and other countries. While at InformNapalm, she became an author of 20+ journalist investigations and wrote a report “PMC Rush: Russian Private Armies” that was presented by the Ukrainian official delegation at NATO PA and OSCE PA. She is a co-author of two books: “Donbas in Flames: Guide to the Conflict Zone” and “Crimea Behind the Curtain: Guide to the Occupation Zone” explaining the logic and timeline of the Russian hybrid offensive in the Ukrainian Donbas and Crimea. She frequently writes about Russian influence campaigns, notably about Russian bot and troll farms