Editor-in-chief of English-language website Euromaidan Press.Having an activist and Earth Sciences researcher background, in the midst of Euromaidan protests, Alya Shandra coordinated a service providing English-language information directly from the protesters Headquarters and grew Euromaidan Press from scratch to one of the most popular outlets communicating Ukrainian events to international audiences. Together with her team, Alya focuses on Russia’s hybrid war against Ukraine and weaponization of history, Ukrainian reforms and paths of democratic transformations, and the framework narratives of Russian propaganda. As well, she conducts open-sources investigations, among which is the violation of EU sanctions by German technogiant Siemens and an analysis of Russia’s hybrid war strategies as seen in the leaked emails of Putin’s advisor Vladislav Surkov done jointly with British MP Robert Seely which is due to be published at the UK-based Royal United Services Institute. As well, Alya became a participant of the LetMyPeopleGo campaign in 2015 and focuses on raising awareness about the plight of Ukrainians illegally jailed by Russia.

Alya Shandra on Surkov Leaks